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Double Sided Tissue Tape

Double Sided Tissue Tapes are lightweight tissues coated with a rubber based adhesive. Similar to double sided paper products, double sided tissue provides conformability and more stability than adhesive transfer tapes. Double Sided Tissue is recommended for mounting light objects and may be used to laminate cork, paper, plastic, and textiles.

It has outstanding features which compliment the tapes are: Excellent tack and good strength for immediate bonding, good resistance to solvent, heat and chemical. Usages of tissue tapes are: Foam and felt lamination in automobile and appliances manufacturing, Splicing of films/paper/ oils, lamination and fastening in paper/plastic and printing industries, adhere posters & envelopes, in shoe and leather industry etc.

Product Type Available Size Packing
Double Side Tape Different size. 12 mm * 144 Rolls, 24mm * 72 Rolls, 48 mm * 36 Rolls.